In every issue of our Inside Napa Valley magazine, we have a feature called “Getting to Know You,” where we pose unusual questions to a well-known person.

But we wanted to know a little more about the rest of us — the regular residents of Napa County who aren’t so well-known. So we started with a simple question: What’s your favorite thing about living in the Napa Valley?

Jacqueline Hilger-Rolfe

St. Helena

“My favorite thing is the happy people visiting; everybody is so excited to be in Napa. I also appreciate the sense of community and respect to all the farm workers and their families. Then there is the Wine Train that always puts a smile on my face when I see it on Highway 29. I loved it so much I bought a house where it runs directly behind my backyard daily. I get to see all the happy people enjoying this amazing place I call home.”

Katie O’Quinn


“My favorite thing about living in Napa Valley is the great sense of community. Whether you are in the wine business, healthcare, or volunteering in some capacity, people really come together for a cause. I may not have been born here, but I consider myself a local. “

Marcus Marquez

St: Helena

“My favorite thing about Napa Valley is the passion the community has with the quality life. Each community offers something great that is unique to their town. It allows us, as locals, to visit and appreciate other towns and enjoy what they have to offer. I enjoy the hospitality of our people. Everyone is so generous in many different ways. So many contribute monetary or with their time. It is what makes our towns special. St. Helena is a special place. You hear it’s where the legends began. The combination of the culinary influence and the ag influence is a perfect pairing. I cannot say enough about this small town. To be able to raise a family here and run a business is very special for me. To be around your people is priceless. So, to answer your question, what is my favorite thing about living in Napa Valley is the people who take their lifestyle seriously; that is contagious to others.