The nondescript Napa industrial park might not look like a traditional place to find healing.

But that doesn't matter to a small group of volunteers relaunching a ministry offering prayer for those seeking such relief.

Called the Healing Rooms of Napa Valley, the multidenominational Christian outreach ministry is directed by volunteers Kay Nagel, Tina Chapman and Thomas Rodriguez.

“The goal is for total restoration of spirit, soul and body,” said Nagel. “God does the healing. We’re the vessels.”

“It’s so powerful,” said Chapman.

The Healing Rooms were originally founded by John G. Lake 1914 and resurrected in 1999 by Cal Pierce in Spokane, Washington. Today known as the International Association of Healing Rooms, there are now more than 2,950 Healing Rooms around the world.

During a visit to the Healing Rooms of Napa Valley, a team of volunteers trained in the program will give biblical instruction, pray with the visitor and, with permission, even place their hands on that person’s body to facilitate prayer.

From that connection with God can come healing and restoration, they explained.

When the prayer time is finished, a visitor can be given some scriptures on topics such as "How to Keep Your Healing" and "The Healing Word."

The team members are not counselors, so it is not a counseling session, said Nagel. Each prayer session is private, so the visitor can speak confidentially.

Anyone of any faith is welcome to visit. “We also pray for dogs or animals,” and visit hospitals or homes if someone is unable to travel, said Nagel. 

The Healing Rooms aren’t new to Napa. For many years, the program had been offered by different volunteers at different locations.

However, it’s been more than six months since such services were available in Napa.

That’s when the three decided to relaunch the ministry.

“There was a huge need,” said Nagel.

Nagel said she had been working as a Healing Rooms volunteer for more than eight years.

During that time, “We saw people healed,” she said. She mentioned one woman with arthritis who found relief. Another woman who came to the Healing Rooms in a wheelchair was able to walk after her prayer session.

Even more incredibly, “A woman came in after brain surgery and was unable to speak. When she left she was talking,” said Nagel.

“I know, I know” -- some won’t believe such reports, Nagel said. “But I’ve had too many experiences of miraculous healings over the years.”

“That’s the power of the Holy Spirit,” said Chapman.

Nagel used to work in the wine industry. She’s now retired. This kind of healing has been part of her family heritage, she said. Her grandparents were ministers.

“Each of us has a different gift” to help facilitate healing, said Nagel. For her, “Working in the Healing Rooms helps develop that gift.”

Chapman has worked in the in-home support services industry in the past.

With the Healing Rooms prayer, “you trust this is something this person needs to hear or experience,” Chapman said. “I open my heart to it.”

The two women said one common question they get about the Healing Rooms is if the process is the same as Reiki healing.

It is not, said the women. Reiki has its roots in Buddhism. The Healing Rooms is a Christian-based method, said Nagel.

The Rock Worship and Training Center, located at 1758 Industrial Way, Suite 117, in Napa, has offered to host the program.

The Healing Rooms of Napa Valley offers prayer on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, from 10 a.m. to noon.

The service is free. Because each session can last 20 to 30 minutes or more, the group can pray with an estimated eight to 10 people per day, said Nagel.

To start, about six trained volunteers will be available to facilitate the process.

“It’s a lot of work but I’m very excited about it,” said Nagel.

“I have a feeling that it’s going to come together the way God would want it to be,” said Chapman.

For those who remain skeptical about the power of such prayer, Nagel suggested “Come in and check it out. Judge after.”

“Be open minded about trying the experience,” said Chapman.

“It can change your life,” said Nagel.