In the continuing effort to take wine off the pedestal and onto the table, here’s the wine recommendation of the week from Compline Wine Bar in Napa:

From the slopes of Sicily’s still-active Mt. Etna, Terre Nere Rosé is a clear and transparent terroir expression of the volcano. Made with Nerello Mascalese, which winemaker Marco de Gracia describes as “the heart of Etna,” this wine is a reminder of just how good Sicilian wine has become. These are high-elevation vines, whose roots have been digging deep for over 45 years. Rosé is for all seasons — but this summer it’s for every day.

Ryan Stetins and Matt Stamp are the owners of Compline Wine Bar, Restaurant and Merchant in Napa. Once a week they provide a wine suggestion from their inventory to encourage taking wine "off the pedestal" and putting it on the table to enjoy.