Courtesy Chad Hauge, beverage director, Longman & Eagle, Chicago

At Chicago’s Longman & Eagle, the staff sports t-shirts that read “Eat Sleep Whiskey.” They’re a nod to the tavern’s Michelin-starred food and drink menus, as well as its six inn-style rooms directly overhead. But it’s also the house philosophy. This gastropub is all about the brown stuff, hosting “Whiskey Wednesdays” and new-release launch parties.

The drink menu changes with each season, so “spring whiskey” and “summer whiskey” cocktails appear as the days grow longer, including this rhubarb-spiked libation, ideal for when the rosy stalks appear at the greenmarket.

Note: Try leftover rhubarb syrup mixed with sparkling wine for a rhubarb Bellini, or splashed into soda water with a squeeze of lime.

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