Despite its name, there’s no dairy involved in a “cream” Sherry—the name just tells you this is a fairly sweet wine. Cream sherry is blended from a combination of oxidative-but-dry oloroso, sweetened by Pedro Ximénez and/or grape must, so it’s packed with flavor, acidity and enough sugar to reduce into a delicious syrup.

Treat this glaze like barbecue sauce or teriyaki. Here it coats browned chicken thighs, but it’s also impressive when tossed with crisp roasted chicken wings. Any leftover sauce will keep it in the refrigerator for at least a month, so try it spooned on a cheese plate or as a fun update to a grilled cheese sandwich.

This straightforward recipe uses an entire 750ml bottle, but won’t break the bank. Cream Sherry is commonly found for $15 or less.

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