The Schizophrenia International Research Society (SIRS) has named the Staglin Family the 2020 President’s Awardee.

During the 25 years since the Staglin family founded One Mind toward providing Healthy Brains for All, they have led in schizophrenia research and advocacy. From playing key roles in the development and funding of large research collaborations such as the North American Prodrome Longitudinal Study, and the upcoming Accelerating Medicines Partnership for Schizophrenia, to funding several Rising Star Awards in schizophrenia research, the Staglins have “electrified” the research community.

Their advocacy has helped to craft and pass several legislative acts to advance schizophrenia care throughout their home state of California and beyond.

The Staglin Family will receive the President’s Award at the 2021 International Congress of the Schizophrenia International Research Society in Toronto, Canada.

Garen Staglin is the co-founder and chairman of One Mind; Chairman of One Mind at Work; co-Chairman of the $10 Billion Healthy Brains Financing Initiative; co-founder and director emeritus of Bring Change 2 Mind; and public relations manager of Staglin Family Vineyard.

Shari Staglin is a co-founder and trustee of One Mind; co-founder and director emeritus of Bring Change 2 Mind; and CEO of Staglin Family Vineyard. With Garen and Brandon, she is also the founder of the Staglins’ Music Festival for Brain Health event.

As President of One Mind, Brandon Staglin channels his deep experience in communications, advocacy, and personal schizophrenia recovery to drive brain health research programs to heal lives. Brandon also serves on advisory councils for the National Institute of Mental Health, the California Mental Health Services Authority’s Help@Hand Program, Mindstrong Health, and Stanford University’s Prodrome and Early Psychosis Program Network, and is a member of The Stability Network.

As President of Staglin Family Vineyard, Shannon Staglin leads the family’s successful winery business, which serves as a vehicle for doing good, Among her responsibilities, she oversees their Salus wine brand, from which 100% of sales profits underwrite One Mind.