Napa County will allow building Kitoko winery at the south end of the Napa Valley and increasing Envy Wines production at the north end.

Proposals for both the new winery and old winery went before the county Planning Commission last week. Both gained the commission’s approval.

Winemaker Philippe Langner asked to establish the Kitoko winery. It is to be located on 20 acres at 3201 Atlas Peak Road northeast of the city of Napa. Wine production is to be capped at 40,000 gallons annually.

The property more than 1,000 feet above Napa Valley once had a house and outbuildings, but no longer. They were destroyed when the October 2017 Atlas fire swept through the area.

One biological concern is the presence of Napa bluecurls, which is considered rare and endangered by the California Native Plant Society. The plant grows about a foot tall and has pale lavender flowers, a county report said.

Napa County decided that the Kitoko winery and Napa bluecurls can co-exist.

About 17 percent of the grapes needed for the requested wine production will come from a nearby Kitoko vineyards. Having the winery will eliminate nine outhaul truck trips annually, a county report said.

Remaining grapes will come from other sources located along Atlas Peak Road. They will be transported to the site in about 20 truck trips spread over 10 days, the report said.

The state Department of Toxic Substances Control told the county a leaking underground tank was once on the site. A county investigation showed that cleanup has been done and the case closed in 2016 for a gasoline tank installed in 1975 and removed in 1981.

Envy Wines is located at 1170 Tubbs Lane near Calistoga. Mark Carter of the winery asked the county to increase wine production from 50,000 gallons annually to 100,000 gallons.

The winery at the site began life as 20,000-gallons-a-year Calistoga Cellars in 2002. The Planning Commission in 2012 approved the production increase to 50,000 gallons annually.

Envy Wines has 11 acres of vineyards on the 19-acre property, which equals about 4,500 gallons of wine annually. Beckstoffer Vineyards provided a letter stating it has the ability and desire to supply Chardonnay and Merlot gapes to accommodate existing production and the increase, a county report said.

Napa County requires water demand analysis for wine production increases. Envy Wines is allowed to use 18.75 acre-feet annually from three wells. The analysis by Madrone Engineering shows existing use is 3.5 acre-feet annually and that this will increase to 4.8 acre-feet annually. One acre-foot equals about 326,000 gallons.

Envy Wines also asked to convert a laundry room to a food preparation kitchen to prepare cheese plates. It asked to use 256 square feet of production floor for a private seating tasting room.

The winery asked for no visitor increases. It has no code violations, a county report said.

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