Micahel Pozzan Winery building

The first Michael Pozzan Winery tasting room — which owners anticipate will open by the end of the year — is planned to be located at at the corner of Randolph Street and Calistoga Avenue in the city of Napa. 

The Michael Pozzan Winery is expecting to open its first tasting room in downtown Napa by the end of 2021.

The tasting room, accessible only by appointment, is planned to be located alongside the winery’s administrative offices at the corner of Randolph Street and Calistoga Avenue in the northern portion of downtown Napa.

A use permit allowing wine tasting was approved by the city’s planning commission in September.

“We’ve been making wine in Napa for 30 years,” said Kimberly Pozzan, marketing and office administrator at the winery. “This is just a really exciting opportunity to share our wines personally with people versus them being only being available to purchase at a grocery store or a restaurant. We’re completely family-owned and family-run and most of the time people don’t even realize they’ve had our wines before.”

Pozzan said the by-appointment wine tastings will be carried out by members of the Pozzan family. Having the opportunity for wine tastings, she added, will bring local name recognition to the brand. The winery produces over 100,000 cases of wine each year, according to Pozzan, but the wines are primarily bought wholesale.

“We’re thrilled about the tasting room. It’s huge for brand recognition,” Pozzan said. “We’ve been in this business for 30 years and people still say: what winery do you work for?”

The winery used to hold wine tastings every two or three months at the Napa Wine Company, she said, and family members have carried out wine tastings for the winery’s distributors across the country. The new tasting room offers a chance for family members to give wine tastings to Napa locals and those from the surrounding area, Pozzan added. And operating the tasting room and being able to share their wine in person will bring the family “a feeling of pride and a sense of joy," she said. 

Improvements on the building — previously an auto repair shop and then an attorney’s office, Pozzan said — were supposed to have been finished by now, but were stalled because of the pandemic. The construction company the winery is working with, Pozzan added, has been working through a huge backlog of different jobs.

The tasting room, when it does finally open, will showcase the many different wines made by the winery with indoor and outdoor seating, according to Pozzan.

“It’s just going to be a really homey, cozy experience,” Pozzan said. “It will be like we just want to invite you to come in and hang out with your family and try our wines.”

“As a vintner, your main goal is to share your wine with other people," she added. "When you’re not able to physically do that yourself, it’s not as fun.”

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