When it comes to pairing seafood with wine, consider the texture, flavor and preparation of the fish. Delicate, briny shellfish calls for light, crisp whites while meatier fish goes better with bigger whites and even some reds. In the following two examples from France, the light-bodied, almost off-dry white blend of sylvaner and pinot blanc from Alsace would go well with the sweetness of crab or a spicy seafood dish. The steely chardonnay from Chablis is a natural for lobster, oysters or prawns cooked in garlic butter.

Dopff & Irion 2017 Crustacés, Alsace, France

Bought • Costco, 4200 Rusty Road, in September for $9.99

Description • As the name of this white wine and the illustration on its label suggest, it was created to go with shellfish. Delicate with just a hint of sweetness, the Crustacés was ranked among Wine Enthusiast’s top 100 wines last year and considered a Best Buy. A blend of 80 percent sylvaner and 20 percent pinot blanc, this is a soft, easy-to-drink white that combines peach, honey and citrus flavors with a touch of bakery spice.

Prieuré Saint Côme, 2018, Chablis, France

Bought • Costco, 4200 Rusty Road, in September for $12.99

Description • This is a crisp and elegant 100 percent chardonnay wine that comes from vines that are at least 30 years old. Previous vintages have earned high scores from critics, and this white is also delicious. Aged in stainless steel without oak, it displays textbook Chablis flintiness and vibrant acidity. A great value at $12.99, this is a racy, well-balanced, medium-bodied white that’s clean and refreshing with flavors of juicy green apples coupled with zesty lemon and lime.

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