NY Cider


Apple growers and cider makers from across New York state have united around using the Seal of New York Cider as a way to identify hard cider made with 100% apples from New York. The seal’s use on labels is intended to help drinkers find farm-based ciders of distinction and character.


Inspired by the excellence of the fruit growing in their backyard, and influenced by the presence of Cornell University’s world-class Apple Research Center and Craft Beverage Institute, New York cider makers have the tools to innovate and push cider making forward.


Historically, the growers and makers in New York have united around collaboration, cooperation, and a common interest in using the highest quality cider fruit. Whether on the farm or in the city, today’s cider community continues that culture.


From the shores of the Great Lakes, across the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes, and through the fertile Hudson River Valley, New York has the ideal climate, soils and weather patterns for growing extraordinary cider apples.