Chicano cocktail
Photo by Morgan Ione Yeager

Courtesy Jeremy Lake for Rosaliné, West Hollywood, CA

In Peru, the Chilcano is a classic highball that features pisco, the country’s signature grape brandy, mixed with ginger ale and a squeeze of lime. At Rosaliné, the West Hollywood restaurant run by Ricardo Zarate, the “godfather of Peruvian cuisine” and native of Lima, ginger kombucha is added to the recipe for a California twist on the original. The lightly fermented tea provides effervescence and zingy spice, while layering in a funky, tangy note for more complexity.

BarSol Perfecto Amor is a mistela, a blend of grape juices fortified with brandy—in this case, pisco, similar to Cognac’s Pineau de Charentes or Armagnac’s Floc de Gascogne. For this recipe, sweet vermouth can be used instead.